Laundry Room Design

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Yes I know that sounds crazy. But it’s my quiet place away from the crazy. There’s something calming to me about being in here, folding laundry and listening to nothing but the sound of the washer or dryer. 🧺

I love my kids more than anything in the world but sometimes momma just needs a few minutes of quiet. Even if it means doing their laundry to get it! 🤫

When we designed the laundry room we wanted a clean design. I didn’t want all white because we were going to keep the dog bowls in here and she tends to make a mess. So a grey flooring with a little white to it gave us that light look we were looking for but doesn’t show dirt (and dog food mess) as easily.

Eventually my next project for this room will be tiling the backsplash. I think I want to do just a simple white subway tile. Since the floor has a textured look I don’t want to do a pattern tile on the backsplash and have the room look busy. I think white subway tile will give it that clean look I’m going for.

Laundry addition

One of the best ideas my husband has had for our house……expanding the upstairs play room closet and making it in to an upstairs laundry closet!

Call me lazy but the last thing I want to do is haul the kids laundry up and down the stairs multiple times a week. First world problems, I know! 😂

I never even thought about having an upstairs laundry. But after talking with our builder my husband found a way to fit it! Did we lose storage space for the game room? NOPE! How? Well we expanded the closet so it’s double what it was supposed to be. So not only will it fit a stacked washer and dryer but we will have shelving on the side for whatever. We also made adjustments to a small linen closet just outside Camden’s room. So that will be perfect to put board games and toys!

I have an upstairs laundry! I can’t say it enough times! Lol That’s how excited I am about it. 💃🏼