Collagen peptides

Recently I’ve seen people get into this collagen peptide phase. I took collagen for years but stopped for a bit and now I’m back on it. To be honest I think I got lazy and just didn’t reorder it and then ended up forgetting about it.

Lately my hips have been aching (thank you child birth) and my knees hurt in the evening (thank you cheerleading). I started taking collagen to help lessen the night pain by reducing inflammation. If you’re unfamiliar with collagen peptides here’s a short explanation:

Collagen peptides supply amino acids to the body which help it build new collagen. They are high in an amino acid called Glycine which is needed to build new collagen. Consuming collagen peptides helps your body to stimulate certain cells to produce new collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein found in the skin and other connective tissues. One of the major components of cartilage is collagen! Cartilage covers the ends of “connecting” bones to keep them from rubbing together.

Benefits of collagen peptides:

1. Collagen can help improve digestion by protecting the mucosal lining of the stomach.

2. Collagen strengthens the hair skin and nails. A lot of people think their hair will automatically look healthier. This is incorrect. Your hair will begin to grow healthier from the root. What has already grown (that’s visible) is dead.

3. Collagen is rich in amino acids which helps the liver against damage.

4. Collagen can reduce aches and pains by reducing inflammation and addressing hormone imbalances.

5. It’s claimed collagen can help build muscle and aids in the conversion of essential nutrients.

Collagen in your body naturally decreases with age. A few ways to slow down its breakdown is to:

1. Avoid sugars

2. Be mindful of the sun

3. Avoid smoke or places where people smoke

4. Keep a strong immune system

There’s a ton of different collagen peptide options out there. I get mine from the Vitamin Shoppe because they have a decent rewards program. But I know you can get them at any Whole Foods or nutrition store!

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