Baby night gas

People warned me when I had a baby I’d get no sleep. To be honest the first 6 months weren’t too bad. Ryder slept pretty good. The problems came at around 7 months when his night gas got bad. He literally woke up crying like he was in pain. The minute the gas passed he fell right back to sleep with no problem. But that gas is not fun. He was up anywhere from five minutes to an hour. And of course it happens at the worst times. Typically between 2-5am. I called his doctor and she said it could be the food he’s eating or the food I’m eating. I cut out dairy in my diet and bananas in his diet. Lactose and potassium are two things that cause gas in babies. I tried gripe water and it seemed to lessen the gas but doesn’t rid it completely. Not only was is it exhausting for me but also for him. When he woke up in the morning he had bags under his eyes. The poor thing just looked so tired and pitiful. He seemed so out of it for the first few hours till nap time. After his morning nap it’s like he was back to normal! I hate that he had these gas problems. He’s now 9 months and it does seem to be affecting him anymore. Maybe it’s just something he had to outgrow or his body may have needed time to just make its digestive process stronger. Who knows but I’m glad it’s over! I hated seeing him hurt!

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