Things I said to the dog that I now say to my child

The other day I said something to Ryder and stopped myself and thought, omg didn’t I just say that same thing to the dog this morning?!? Not kidding you, this happens OFTEN in my house. So for your entertainment, today I put together a list of things I’ve said to my dog that I now also say to my child…..🐶🧒🏽

1. What did you just eat?

2. What is that smell?

3. Get off that!

4. Were you good today?

5. What did you just do?

6. Don’t chew the toilet paper roll

7. Get that out of your mouth!

8. Don’t lick that!

There are a few others but these are the ones I swear I say almost daily. When I say them, both the dog and Ryder look at me sometimes because they both think I’m saying it to them. 😂

There is an ever a dull moment (or quiet moment) in my house. 💙

Happy Friday everyone! 💃🏼

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