Outdoor lighting decisions

I thought outdoor lighting would be easier to pick than indoor….it wasn’t 😳

When we had our lighting design meeting, the designer showed us a few options but they all had a traditional look. We explained we wanted something modern. She handed us a book, told us to look through it and left. We found one we sort of liked but she told us we couldn’t have it because we wanted it in black and they didn’t make black. Oddly enough the picture featured was a black sample and the color option was listed as available. But whatever, we didn’t want to argue with her so we said ok we will find something else. She came back a bit later and told us we only had a few minutes left before she had to go and needed us to make a decision. So we picked a light that we thought was ok.

Fast forward a few weeks later. We went to the showroom of Avenue Lighting to look at chandeliers. On their wall of outdoor lighting we saw the perfect lights! It was exactly what I envisioned in my head. Something modern yet functional. I wanted a light that actually gave off some light without feeling intrusive. I also wanted a light that shined up AND down. Our design lady that we originally met with only gave us options of one or the other (up or down) not both.

I am incredibly happy with our choice. It’s literally the perfect light for our house! Again this goes to show you shouldn’t let someone push you to make a decision. Take your time and what you’re looking for will come to you!