Pregnancy leg day

I鈥檓 a little over 6 months pregnant now. My belly is getting bigger which means movements while working out are getting more difficult. However this isn鈥檛 stopping me from working out! Workouts are the one thing keeping up my strength and energy for the boys!

Today was a leg workout. 4 sets of 12! 馃挭馃徎

At home leg workout

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No gym or not able to make it to the gym? Here’s a few easy leg exercises you can do at home. They require no equipment, just yourself!

馃敼Leg Raises

馃敼Donkey Kicks

馃敼Side Leg Raises

馃敼Laying Down Leg Raises

馃敼Inner Thigh Raise

I do each of these 4x 15-18!

Leg day ideas

Leg day! My favorite day! I’ve changed up my leg workouts again. I’ve said it before, I always change my workouts every 6 weeks. This keeps my body from getting “used” to a workout and it keeps me from feeling like I’m on repeat. These exercises aren’t too difficult and you can do them at home or in the gym. The first two actually workout your upper body and lower body together!

鉁达笍 Side squats with medicine ball

鉁达笍 Sumo squats with kettle bell raise

鉁达笍 Squat turns

I try to do each one 10-12 times. Depending on the medicine ball I use for side squats, sometimes I can only manage 8-10 with the extra weight.

Happy squatting! 馃挭馃徎

Walking for exercise

I鈥檝e heard people complain about never having time for the gym. Or they don鈥檛 have the funds for a gym membership. I completely understand! I have been in the same position!

Transitioning from marketing to teaching I quit my job to take classes full time to get my teaching license. I canceled my gym membership to save money till I started working again. But I鈥檓 not one to sit around and not workout. I needed to do something. Every day I would take my dog out for a long walk. I hate running but walking I can do! My pup and I would walk for an hour a day. Some people laugh and say walking does nothing for you. But that鈥檚 actually incorrect.

In addition to a healthy diet, walking can do so much for you. Here are a few benefits:

鉁达笍 Improves your mood

鉁达笍 Improves circulation

鉁达笍 Helps with weight loss (burns calories)

鉁达笍 Can reduce arthritis pain

鉁达笍 Manages high blood pressure

鉁达笍 Improves balance and coordination

鉁达笍 Reduces stress

鉁达笍 Boosts your immune system

In addition to these, walking gives you time to think! If you鈥檙e someone who likes time to themselves every so often, walking is a great break away.

Have a young child? Put them in the stroller. Have older kids? Make them walk down to the park with you. Have them kick a ball or play a game while you walk around the park!

Even just 30 minutes a day can do you more good than nothing at all. Get your body moving! 馃弮鈥嶁檧锔

Lunge Variations

I love lunges! They are easy to do at the gym or at home if you’re limited on workout equipment. There are so many different lunge variations too! I rotate these 6 into my leg workouts at different times. There are more variations of lunges and even squat variations that you can mix in. But these are the 6 I鈥檓 featuring today. They鈥檙e easy and they get your butt, legs and abs working!

1锔忊儯 Side (lateral) lunges

2锔忊儯 Crossover lunges (there are so many names for this one)

3锔忊儯 Reverse lunges

4锔忊儯 Walking lunges

5锔忊儯 Tic tocs

6锔忊儯 Front lunges

Happy lunging! 馃槀馃挭馃徎

Steam for soreness

I woke up SO sore this morning! Since I changed up my workouts I swear I鈥檓 sore after every muscle group workout now! It鈥檚 one of those good sore feelings, like you know you pushed yourself just the right amount. It is however making me a little slow today. Bending over to pick up Ryder has been a struggle. I spent most of the morning on the floor with him so I wouldn鈥檛 have to do much lifting. 馃槀

Today will be a leg day so I can give my upper body a little rest to recover. Then I鈥檒l hit up the Four Seasons steam room.

Did you know a steam room not only cleanses your skin but helps relax stiff muscles and joints, which aids in the recovery process! During a steam there is an increase in blood flow and circulation. This is due in part by heat causing the blood vessels in the skin to expand. Steam also helps boost your immune system and remove toxins from your body. What I wouldn鈥檛 give to have a steam room in my house! 馃槏

Bosu squats safety explained

Recently someone asked me why I do bosu squats because everything they read said they are horrible to do and can cause injury. This is semi true. You should NEVER do bosu squats on the ball side. There is not enough stability for your ankle and leg. Performing heavily loaded squats, lunges, hip thrusts, or deadlifts with your feet on the ground is risky enough. Stepping onto an unstable surface while performing big movements like those only increases your risk of injury.聽When you are on an unstable surface, your body is working to keep its balance and because of that your muscles are 鈥渄istracted鈥 from the task at hand

Bosu squats on the flat side are ok to do. This is because you have a flat (semi) stable surface. You aren鈥檛 fighting to keep your balance as if you would on the ball side. Placing the Bosu with the flat-side up is great for building core strength ( abs/lower back area) and improving overall balance while toning abs

Hope this gave a little more clarity! Happy Friday! 馃挋

Leg day exercises

Leg day! Y鈥檃ll know that鈥檚 my favorite day! 馃挭馃徎 I鈥檓 starting to change up my workouts this month. I typically change them every 6 weeks. These are 3 exercises from my new leg day workout for the next few weeks!

鈥osu ball squats 4×12

鈥ide lunges (both sides) 4×10-12

鈥able bar squats 4×12

The bosu squats definitely take some balance. I would try them without a weight first just to get your footing and make sure your comfortable doing them. If it鈥檚 too difficult for you to balance with the bosu ball, forget the ball and just do regular squats! Better safe than sorry! 馃槀

Leg day exercises

Leg day! These are 3 of my favorite exercises to do on leg day. Really easy and sure to get your butt and inner thigh sore the next day!

鈥ide step squats with plate

鈥ront lunges

鈥arbell deadlift

The side squats take a little coordination since you鈥檙e squatting then lifting the plate. Sometimes I look funny because I zone out, get off on my squat/lift and get myself all confused. 馃槀

I typically do 4 sets of 12 for each. But you can adjust to what鈥檚 best for you! Happy lifting!

Leg day exercises

Leg day! My favorite day! Here are a few exercises from my leg day workout! I know there are 鈥渞eal鈥 names for some of these exercise moves but back when I was a gymnast, this is what we called them and it鈥檚 just stuck. Call it whatever you need in order to remember the exercise! 馃槈

These will get your butt and thighs burning. You should feel it in your butt, thighs, back and arms the next day!

鈥quat raises (version 1) 4 x 12 w/ 25lb plate

鈥ross lunges 4 x 12 w/ 40lb bar

鈥eeter Toters (this is what we called them when I was a gymnast) 4 x 10 w/ 20lb KB

鈥quat raises (version 2) 4 x 12 w/ 25lb plate