Camden’s second flight

Camden’s second flight!

He did so great on the plane. We booked ourselves on the earliest flight so he slept the entire time and only woke up just a few minutes before landing.

We looked a bit ridiculous when we got our bags from baggage claim. We literally had 7 bags. 😂 But in our defense, one bag was the stroller, one was the car seat, and one was the golf clubs. So technically only 4 of them had clothing and other items. I of course needed his diaper bag, my husband brought his one bag, then I had to bring two bags. I packed Camden’s doc-a-tot in my large bag and it literally took up over half the bag. So a second small roller bag was necessary to fit our clothes. However, it was a bit comical to see two people and a baby with 7 bags. Thank god we flew with two friends because they were able to help us out.

This whole flying with an infant thing is becoming a breeze! As long as you schedule flights around sleep times, it makes it so much easier and less stressful!

Traveling with an infant

Traveling with an infant is definitely one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I get really bad anxiety in situations I can’t control. So before our flight to Kansas City I was a complete wreck worried about Ryder being comfortable on the flight and at the hotel. Had I known how amazing he was going to be I probably could have spared myself the internal freakout.

My husband booked our flights around Ryder’s feeding and nap time which worked out perfectly. Before the plane took off I gave him a bottle. This helped with the pressure and it didn’t seem to bother his ears. After his bottle he fell asleep. I brought his favorite blanket and wrapped him in it because the plane was a little cold. He napped until about 15 minutes before we landed. He did wake up confused and cried a little because he didn’t know where he was. But we opened the sun shade of the window so he could see out and that did the trick! He looked out the window till we landed.

I may have OD-ed it on the packing. I had my backpack (diaper bag), small roller bag and large roller bag. I packed every toy known to man that would fit in my small roller bag. Yes I may have over done it with toys but I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed. In that same bag I packed diapers and wipes. In hind site it would have been smarter for me to just buy diapers and wipes at a store close to our hotel rather than stuffing them into a bag and taking up more space. But I wasn’t sure if a store would be in walking distance in case my husband took the rental car to the golf course. So I just jammed four days worth of diapers in my bag to be safe.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the hotel not having a bathtub. If you travel with an infant I recommend calling the hotel before to find out. Lesson learned. If you have ever showered with an infant then I’m sure you’re laughing right now. It is NOT an easy task. I kept our swimsuits on because we had just come from the pool and honestly I felt weird showering naked with my child. The swimsuits were the only thing that saved us. I can’t tell you how many times I almost dropped him because he was so slippery! Ever had a bar of soap in your hand that slipped out and you can’t seem to catch it with your hands and luckily do before it hits the ground? Ok this was nothing like that but it totally felt like it! The swimsuits at least gave us some sort of traction. But he definitely slipped a few times. Next time I will bring our blow up tub for him!

I worried about Ryder being comfortable in the hotel room since it was a new place. We let him stay up a little past his bed time to play in hopes that it would help his comfort level. It worked! He had a blast throwing toys across the room and chasing after them. I’m sure the people below us were wondering what the heck was going on, but hey whatever makes him happy!

As for sleeping, we didn’t want to check another bag so we left his travel bed at home and just let him sleep with us. Each night he curled up next to me and went right to sleep. I’m a back sleeper so I never worry about rolling over on him. I’m sure some people are shaking their heads at me for letting my 9 1/2 month old sleep in the bed and not in his own baby bed but I don’t care. He was safe and slept better with me than he would have in that bed. Plus, we did not need to be those people checking one more bag (we already had like 6).

Overall the trip turned out pretty great. I learned a few lessons for our next trip if we go anywhere again soon. And I’m glad to know Ryder is a good little travel companion!

Changing a diaper on a plane

I deserve a medal. Actually any parent who has changed a baby diaper ON the airplane deserves a medal! Yesterday flying home from Kansas City, ten minutes into our flight, Ryder needed a diaper change. I asked a friend before we left what to do if this happens. She said she was lucky enough to get someone who was ok with her changing her little ones diaper right there in the seat. I however was not going to do that to the guy next to me. Not to mention, ryder doesn’t have the best smelling diapers, so the scent was sure to fill the plane. I decided to take a chance and go to the bathroom with him to change it there. It’s obviously been a long time since I used an airplane bathroom because I don’t remember them being that small! I laid ryder down on the toilet lid and placed a new, unwrapped roll of toilet paper under his head so it wouldn’t bang around with the turbulence. Only his upper body and half of his hind end fit on the toilet. The bottom half of him was just hanging off. I expected him to cry or be upset but he didn’t make a noise. I swear he had this look on his face that said “you got this Mom.” Because of the turbulence I had to keep one hand on him to keep him from rolling. I then used my knee to prop his hind end up from falling off the toilet. I had to use my elbow to hold the diaper in place while attaching the velcro piece with my hand. It felt like a game of twister. Somehow I managed to successfully clean him without getting anything on me, him or anywhere on the bathroom! It’s not the easiest thing to change a diaper one handed while on a plane with turbulence. However I sure felt like I won a big game walking out of that bathroom! At least now I know how to successfully do it! Do I want to do it again? Absolutely not!!