Double pulley workout

I love a double pulley machine! They are so versatile for so many workouts! Today I did a quick upper body workout. These are two exercises from my workout.

✴️ Alternating close grip pull down

✴️ Wide grip pull down

Both are great for arm, shoulder and back days!

Back day workout

Its back day! My back day workouts have changed as well as my other workouts (see previous posts). I love when I get to change them up. I get bored with the same thing after a while so for me change is good! Plus, I love the feel of soreness in your muscles when you change up a workout. It’s like your body gets a little shock, like what just happened!?! 😂

I typically do back and bi together but I only included a few back exercises in this video. I’ll post my bi’s on another day. 😉

These are a few exercises from my back workout for the next 6 weeks:

1️⃣ Reverse grip pull downs 4×10-12

2️⃣ Cable rope pull down 4×10-12

3️⃣ Single arm cable row 4×10-12

4️⃣ Standing cable row 4×10-12

Happy lifting! 💪🏻

Back day workout

Back day workout! Today is typically a cardio day for me but my legs were still sore from leg day so I decided to do back instead. These are a few exercises from this weeks back workout:

•Close grip lat pulldowns


•Straight arm pull downs

•Wide grip lat pulldowns

I typically do 4 sets of 10 for each exercise but you’re free to do whatever works for you! Happy lifting! 💪🏻

Back day workout

Another hotel gym workout! Today was back day! Here are a few things I do on back day. I love a good cable machine because it can be used for so much. You may notice I struggle with my right shoulder. I had an injury years ago and that shoulder never fully healed properly. It’s a bit weaker than my other side but I still push it as much as I can.

Bosu workout moves to build back and arms

Two (not too difficult) moves to build your back, arm and core muscles. The first one is bosu updowns. Alternate arms every other down. The second is bosu push ups. Make sure to get a good grip on the outside edges of the bosu ball. I typically do 4 sets of 10 each. It doesn’t sound like@much but give it a try. You’ll definitely feel it in your arms!