Last minute building changes

Last minute building decision….we decided to put a balcony in the playroom that overlooks the kitchen!

If the boys are playing in the playroom, I can’t see them. I have to go upstairs to see what they are doing. It makes me nervous having two boys in the house and not being able to hear what’s being destroyed 😂 (jk, kinda). By adding a balcony, if I’m in the kitchen, I can just call up to them.

My husband had the great idea to put barn doors covering the balcony on the playroom side. That will help reduce some of the sound coming from up there. So if I call to the boys they can slide the doors open to respond. Then close them so they can go back to playing and I don’t have to hear all the noise. It’s not only functional but it’ll be beautiful!

It’s crazy how much thought has to go into literally every detail of a house. Now when I walk through people’s houses I pay more attention to how things are built.

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