Potty Training….

How’s potty training going in our house? Well my toddler prefers to poop in the yard like the dogs instead of going in the toilet like a big boy. So I’d say it’s going well. We are just taking a small detour. 😂

My kid does things on his own time. He walked one month after crawling. He woke up one morning and started talking. He literally had me so worried he wasn’t going to talk. He got to 2 1/2 and still wasn’t talking. Then out of the blue he just decided ok today’s the day I’ll start talking and it hasn’t stopped!

So no I’m not pushing the potty training. I’m letting him do things on his own time. Would I like him to be potty trained right now? Absolutely! Diapers aren’t cheap. But often times when you try to force a kid to do something they won’t or actually take steps in the opposite direction. So I’m just letting him tell me when he’s ready. We encourage it and talk about it, but never force it.

I’m not exactly sure why he wants to poop in the yard. It is a little odd, I’ll admit that. But he does love his dog. And maybe he’s just intrigued by the fact that she does it outside. I don’t know. I’m just trying to laugh it off for now. Because one day when he’s older, and potty trained, it’ll be a great story to tell!

3 thoughts on “Potty Training….

  1. Potty training my three year old daughter has been wayyyyy easier than it was my son. But I adopted the same rule of letting him do it when he was ready, and that made for an easier transition for all of us at the time! My daughter is getting the hang of it, but pooping is still a struggle. 😉 I will say that not having to buy diapers (and not having to dish out that money) has been pretty exciting!! 🙂


  2. Hahahah thats hilarious! My little girl pee’d jn The potty the very first day it arrived and now she just can’t be bothered to use it: it’s frustrating on my end because I’m just not patient, but I can imagine how much fun you’re having cleaning up the yard!


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