TRX Map attempt #2

Since I used the TRX map the first time almost two months ago, I’ve made some changes to my workout, attempted to work on flexibility (I’m slacking a little) and been alternating carrying the kids on each hip rather than just my left (my strong side). I’ve felt some significant changes in my hips. They feel more balanced. I also have a lot less muscle pain in my legs, hips and back than I did a month after delivery.

I reattempted the TRX map and these were my results:

Mobility: increase

Activity: decrease

Posture: increase

Symmetry: decrease

My mobility and posture increased thanks to stretching and me starting to carry the kids on alternating hips instead of just my left every time.

My activity and symmetry likely decreased thanks to a pulled muscle in my lower back from playing with my toddler.

I turned this machine into a “game” like I do all things within myself. I like to “compete” with myself to see if I can increase the numbers and better them. I change up my workouts and stretches to see if that affects the numbers any each month. Who says fitness can’t be a little fun 😉

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