False Lashes

I LOVE the way false lashes look. Whenever I get my makeup done I have them put them on me. I however can’t do it myself. I always screw up the glue and never get them on right. I wish I had time to go get the semi permanent ones done once a month but with two small kids at home it’s just not feasible. 😢

Recently I’ve been seeing people post about these magnetic lashes. I did some research to see how safe they were. I’m super careful about what I put on my skin, especially my face. Once they got the safe approval in my mind, I decided to search them out. Lucky for me a friend made a post about them. She sells beauty products and this is one of their new items! So I bought some!

I’ve worn them twice now. The first time it took me two tries to get them just right. The way they work is with a magnetic eyeliner. I had to put two layers of eyeliner on, let it dry then connect the lashes. Literally the lashes connect like a magnet! They don’t come off if bumped or even if you happen to brush your eye. You have to really tug at them to get them off and they don’t hurt when they come off! I absolutely love how simple they are and how great they look! I’m officially obsessed with magnetic lashes!

Definitely an easier option than trying to find time every month to get them done or messing with glue! Anything that makes makeup application or dress time quicker is a win for me! 💙

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