The truth about prenatal vitamins

When I was a teacher, in every single one of my health classes, a student asked “can’t you get pregnant from taking prenatal vitamins?” 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s a crazy question but I was always SO glad they asked. I was a weenie in high school and too afraid to ask anything. I would much rather have my students ask weird or uncomfortable questions and get a clear answer than not ask and lack the information or get incorrect information from a friend. Although, it also makes me wonder if we as a society are not explaining things well enough for kids.

No prenatal vitamins will not get you pregnant. And if you’re a guy, they will not turn you into a woman. Yes I got that question too.

Prenatal vitamins are a vitamin women take while pregnant. It has more vitamin percentages than your average daily multi vitamin. There are other vitamins in it that benefit the baby and are needed for healthy growth. You can actually take prenatal vitamins when not pregnant or not trying to get pregnant and they will actually help with hair and nail growth. Prenatal are high in biotin which causes hair to grow and be strong.

So again, prenatal vitamins will not make you pregnant! They are just an extra healthy support for you and your baby if already pregnant.

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