RLS…..Do you battle with it? I do. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky!

RLS stands for restless leg syndrome. For most people it occurs at night when you are laying down. It’s a weird feeling. It’s as if you have to move your legs. You can’t keep them still. Mine often feels like something crawling up and down the inside of my legs, but it’s an aching crawling. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and miserable. It makes it SO difficult to relax and fall asleep.

RLS is most common in women, however it does affect men too. RLS is thought to be an inherited disorder. Anemia, iron, magnesium or folate deficiencies can increase RLS symptoms and occurrences.

There are a few natural ways to relieve RLS. Sometimes they work for me. Other times I just give in and take Tylenol. Here are a few things that have worked for me:

1️⃣ Warm bath with Epsom salt before bed

2️⃣ Avoid caffeine

3️⃣ Apply warm or cool packs

4️⃣ Take a magnesium supplement

5️⃣ Eat lots of leafy greens

6️⃣ Stretch

7️⃣ Massage

RLS is not fun. However it is manageable. Whether you treat it naturally or with medical professional help, you have options. Like many things, changing your diet, lifestyle and nighttime behaviors can help you manage your RLS and sleep more comfortably.

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