Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free has become such a fad diet. However for some of us it’s a forced diet. By forced I mean peoples bodies reject gluten therefore they forced to not eat it or suffer the consequences. I don’t have a gluten allergy, but I am allergic to wheat, flour and things related. So I often tell people I have a gluten allergy so I don’t have to go into detail. Everyone understands a gluten allergy (for the most part)

When I tell people I’m gluten free I get one of three responses (usually):

1. That sucks

2. Me too! I’m doing it to lose weight

3. Me too I have an allergy/intolerance/etc

In response to #1, for me it doesn’t suck. I didn’t have to make any major changes in my diet. I don’t like pasta, I prefer corn tortillas to flour and I hated breaded items.

When I get a response like #2 I like to know what they’re eating in their GF diet. Many people think going gluten free means buying items that say gluten free. While it’s great to have those options, many (boxed & packaged) GF items are loaded with more calories, fat and sodium than their non GF match. So you could end up gaining more weight than losing. A real GF diet should be fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, etc. All of these items are naturally GF!

Response #3 are my people. While I don’t mind being GF, it sometimes has its challenges and inconveniences. I’ve gotten sick eating at other people’s houses because they used flour to thicken a sauce. Or they used breadcrumbs mixed into something like meatballs. I always text or call to see what they are preparing so I can make sure it’s something I can eat, but also to offer to bring something. That way if I can’t eat what they’re serving, I’ll eat before and at least I can eat the item I brought! I hate inconveniencing people!

A GF diet can be a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight. Just make sure you aren’t getting the processed, packaged items. Stay on the walls of the grocery store (I discussed this in a previous post) and you’ll be good! Curious what it’s like to be GF? Try it for a week for fun. What’s the harm? 😉

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Diet

  1. I am your people. 🙂 I was diagnosed with a sensitivity in January. I used to think it sucked to give up all the yummy food I adored…until I realized how great I felt once I stopped eating the stuff that was making me sick. Great post!


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