I’ve pushed hard at workouts these last few weeks and I’m finally feeling like myself again! My muscles are rebuilding, I feel stronger and I’m more energetic. I’ve been detoxing and clean eating this week so that’s definitely made a big difference! I swear my body is just all around happier!

Looking back at pictures of myself over the years from when I was competing and “ripped” or when I was living at the gym eating minimal and skinny as a rail, I see what look I like best in pictures. I like a balance. Muscle with a little softness. That’s my look. It’s fitting to my height and frame but also decently easy for a busy mom like me to maintain. There are always going to be challenges like how and when to get to the gym. I have a little one and a husband that works a lot. So I have to be creative with my workouts. Sometimes I can get to the gym, other times I’m up in our guest bedroom squeezing in a quick at home workout while Ryder naps. As for diet, that isn’t always the easiest either. I LOVE food. So for me, I refuse to deprive myself just to have a “good body.” I prefer to reward myself. Eat clean during the week, then on the weekend I’m a little more flexible. It’s all about finding your balance (and happiness). Do what’s best for you not what everyone else is claiming you should do. Listen to your body. It talks to you! Maybe not in a verbal way, but your body gives you cues telling you what it needs (rest, fuel, movement, etc). You’re only given one body in this lifetime. Enjoy it, love it, and fuel it!

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