Cheat meals

Ryder and I spent the weekend eating and hanging around the house. We ate practically everything in sight. Ok maybe that was just me. Needless to say my body definitely doesn’t bounce back as fast as it did in my 20’s! I’ve been a bit bloated these last two days so I’m glad to be back to my clean eating schedule. Do I regret or feel guilty about the food I ate this weekend? Absolutely not! I eat clean and lean 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time I choose to enjoy and eat as I please. I’m not one who will completely deprive themselves of good food.

I think some people’s biggest downfall is they crave a “cheat meal,” have that meal then feel so guilty afterwards. Why feel guilty? If you work hard all week at your workouts and eating well, why not reward yourself!?! As long as you aren’t eating these “cheat meals” regularly a couple times a week, you’re fine! Pick one night a week and indulge. Or do what I did and have a weekend where you splurge, then get yourself back on track for the next few weeks. One day of bad eating won’t kill you. Neither will one weekend. The weekend may set you back a little further than just one day will (hence me being bloated and a little slower than normal). But like I said, it’s fine if it’s not a regular thing. Life is too short. Have that steak, burger, etc. Just do everything in moderation!

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