10 facts about me you probably didn’t know

1. I hate pork. Literally all pork. I eat turkey bacon instead of real bacon but even when I eat that it has to be mixed into something. I can’t eat it plain.

2. I own over 150 pairs of shoes

3. When I’m by myself I’m always on time or ten minutes early. If I have ryder I’m typically ten minutes late. (I hate being late)

4. I only listen to country music

5. I broke my back sophomore year of high school snow boarding

6. I’ve given myself food poisoning 4 times from undercooking chicken 😳This was years ago when I was first learning to cook for myself

7. I used to compete in figure competitions

8. My favorite color is blue. All blue. Any blue!

9. I’ve only ever owned Ford vehicles (I had a Volvo before my current car but at the time I bought it Volvo was owned by Ford!)

10. I’m deathly scared of needles! Literally I make a scene and cry worse than a little kid.

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