Unsolicited advice

I’m totally going to sound like an ungrateful complainer, and I’m ok with that. Lol so here goes………Why do some women feel the need to give a stranger mom/baby advice? I thought I left my “please give me advice” sign at home when I went out to run errands. Yes I’m a new mom and I guess I must really look like it at times, but it’s a bit inappropriate to try to give me advice without asking. Especially when I don’t know you. I understand people are trying to be helpful, but make sure your information is correct and factual before you pass it on. It takes all my strength and energy not to smart off when someone gives me advice I know is incorrect. Also, what works for your kid won’t always work for other people’s kids.

I am so appreciative of friends who give me advice when I go running to them. My friend Andrea is fantastic about this. Never once has she pushed advice on me. Instead she waits for me to ask. And boy do I ever. The time I was going to travel on a plane with Ryder for the first time I called her in a crazy Mom panic. I took all of her advice to heart and wrote down everything she said so I wouldn’t forget anything. This kind of advice I appreciate. Because I asked!! I’m not afraid to ask if I don’t know! But please strangers, don’t walk up to me (or any mom you don’t know) and try to give me advice on my child. I prefer to figure it out on my own. It’s a learning process. If I need to know badly enough I’ll ask.

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