You have two homes…..

I heard the best quote the other day. “You have two homes: Earth and your body. Take care of them.” I love this! When you think about it, often times we are careless with both. My biggest pet peeve is when people complain about how they constantly get sick or keep gaining weight. Are you taking care of your body? Are you eating vegetables, fruit, carbs, fat (good fat) and protein? Are you taking a multi vitamin? Are you limiting your alcohol intake and avoiding smoking? Do you workout at least 3 times a week? A lot of times the answers to this question are no. God only gave us one body. Take care of it! Fuel it properly and care for it so it will last!

The same goes with earth. I hate when I see someone throw trash out the window of their car. You couldn’t put it in your cup holder and throw it away when you got home? Was it radioactive and had to be thrown out of your car that minute? I live in Plano and I love how our city has trash cans on almost every corner. When I get in the turn lane to go left I know there will be a trash can I can pull up to and throw things away. Yes it’s something so minor and small but even the little things make a difference.

These are the only two homes we will have in our lifetime. Take care of them!

(Yes that’s me doing a handstand on the edge of a boat in the pic)

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