Every morning ryder and I go for a 2-3 mile walk. It’s our way of getting out of the house to get some fresh air while also letting me get a little light cardio in. I’ve had SO many people tell me I need to start running. They tell me how “freeing it is” and how I’ll love it. Let me tell you what’s NOT freeing to someone with a tear in each meniscus, a right side MCL tear and a previously fractured knee cap……RUNNING! Would I like to run? Maybe. I never was a huge fan. I always said I only run if someone is chasing me. Lol

I’m sure you’re wondering why I never got my knees fixed. Well, back when I was younger when the injuries happened, we didn’t exactly have a lot of money. Plus my brother was on his 4th meniscus tear and he needed surgery. I was at the end of my college cheerleading career and he was up for multiple wrestling scholarships coming out of high school so the obvious choice was for him to get his done. I built up enough scar tissue over the years that my knees are fine for every day use. However running isn’t exactly in the cards. Running is painful. My knees hurt for days after just ten minutes of light jogging. It honestly sucks because my husband is a runner and I always thought it would be fun to run together. Some days I get this “high” and think I can do it, and I’ll push through a short jog. But then the pain hits for a few days after and I think….that was stupid. Do I still have hope I’ll be able to jog without pain one day? Yes of course. But it’s a slow process to build that knee strength. Not to mention it’s frustrating having people tell me I need to start running. I need to start running like I need a hole in my head. 😂 It’s too much to explain to them why I don’t just up and run, so I just smile and say “maybe” every time. I’m going to keep trying and slowly pushing myself. But it will definitely take some time. Longer than the norm that’s for sure!

Always remember you know what’s best for your body. Listen to it! If something hurts, stop! I have seen so many people get injured trying to push through actual pain (not soreness or tiredness) to keep up with others. It’s your body not theirs, remember that.

2 thoughts on “Running

  1. Great minset. I had a spinal fractured, rehabed it myself, and became pain free. I loved powerlifting with a passion and did it since highschool, yet knew I had to give it up for a healthier tomorrow. Here I am, given up powerlifting and pursuing calisthenics/bodyweight training.. and most importantly pain free and 100x more free!


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