Don’t let someone tell you you can’t

There is a difference of about 5 years between these two pictures yet I’m rocking the same shorts in both! When I got pregnant everyone (literally almost everyone) told me to get ready for a new closet. They said after having a baby my body would never be the same and none of my old clothes would fit. I found the comments to be discouraging, then after a while it was like I was being challenged. Having people tell me I’d never get back to my old size just made me mad. So I worked hard every day to push myself past their comments and get back to close to my old size. Yes they were correct when they say your body will never be the same again. Things definitely change. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back to where you were or make yourself better. It may just take a little more time and effort than before! I’m proud to say almost all of my old clothes fit again! There are a few items that don’t fit but in all honesty I probably shouldn’t have been squeezing myself into them before. 😂 Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Negativity breeds negativity. Surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you and help you try to meet your goals!

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