Motherhood changes you

Motherhood changes us in more ways than we may notice. I think it’s softened me a bit. I was a gymnast and was always told I was robotic with my emotions and feelings. Having Ryder I think I show my emotions a little more. I make sure to always tell him I love him and I’m proud of him because I never really had much of that growing up. People were always telling me I could do better or I needed to be better. It didn’t matter how many competitions I placed in, how many awards I got or how many A’s I made, I was always told I could do better. I told myself when I had Ryder I would always tell him I was proud of him no matter what. And that’s what I’ve done. Every time he does something new or attempts anything I tell him I’m proud of him. During the day I tell him multiple times that I love him. I want him to always know how loved he is. It’s one thing to show it, but kids really do need to hear it. I think parents forget sometimes how important words are to a child especially in the early stages. Never forget to say I love you 💙

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