Back at it

FDD1304D-FBE6-47B0-9F54-60393CC9897DIm starting to put a little muscle back on. It’s been a battle after pregnancy to put back on the muscle I had before. Your body definitely isn’t the same after you have a baby. Not to mention, feedings really take everything out of you. I’m slowly getting back to feeling like myself again. My strength and energy is back so I’m not as tired after workouts anymore. I still have a ways to go but I feel like I’m on a good path. Consistency in workouts would help but that’s difficult when you’re husband works late and you don’t have anyone to watch your little man. I’m going to try to start up on my in home workouts again. It’s hard with Ryder sometimes because he sees me doing something and thinks he can play too or wants to be held. So this could be interesting! Be on the lookout. I’ll post a few videos in upcoming weeks of my favorite in home workouts!

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